Preparing for a Summer Move with Kids

Preparing for a family move this summer? Valley Relocation is the full service moving company you can count on for reliable and reputable service. As a leading Concord mover, we give our customers everything they need for a successful move, including tip to ease the process. Check out a few of our favorite ideas for moving with children.

Involve Your Kids Early

Kids feel powerless about moving, so it’s important to empower by including them in the moving process. Moving locally? Tour your new home as soon to get them familiar with the space. Long distance moving can make it more difficult to tour homes with your kids, but you can still keep them involved by taking video as you walk through prospective homes and spending time together researching their new schools and surroundings.

Help Your Kids Say Goodbye

Consider throwing a goodbye party to help your kids ease into the transition. Some ideas for a fun party include:

  • Buy an address book and have every guest fill out their address, including email addresses.
  • Invite each guest draw or write a page recounting fun adventures and memories with your child, then turn the pages into a memory book.

Make a Game Out of Packing and Have a Plan for Moving Day

For elementary-aged children or younger, making a game out of packing can be a great way to keep kids involved and motivated. Have packing races to see who can fill the most boxes in an hour or hide small prizes around their room for them to find as they pack their belongings.

As a trusted Concord mover, our professionals are skilled at handling moves with children and we know how important it is to create a plan for your kids while movers are loading all the items. Grab some books or toys, or as friends and family to watch your kids on moving day.

Prepare for a New School

Many families choose to move during the summer to avoid disrupting a school year. Starting at a new school is intimidating, so alleviate anxiety by preparing your child for their new location and school. Give as much information as possible and schedule a tour of the facilities before school begins.

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