Make Your Office Move in Silicon Valley Quick & Easy

Relocating a business isn't like moving a family. Though the basics are the same, moving corporate offices is often much more challenging. In addition to all the typical duties—like sorting, organizing, packing, and loading—you also have to worry about high-level issues like staff morale, productivity, downtime, and corporate budgets.

To protect your Silicon Valley business from the pitfalls of office moving, consider the following five moving tips.

How to Move Corporate Offices Without Losing Time, Money, or Your Mind

1. Involve Your Employees

When moving a business into or out of Silicon Valley, it's important to keep your employees updated—or else you may end up with a seriously dissatisfied staff on your hands. Here are just a few ways you can involve your personnel:

  • Make an official moving announcement 4 – 6 months ahead of time.
  • Provide ongoing updates so that your team understands the timeline and expectations.
  • Have department managers handle their own inventory.
  • Give your employees plenty of time to pack their offices and personal items.

2. Update Your Vendors

Be sure that your office vendors know about the move in advance so that they can arrange their services and deliveries accordingly. Consider all of your regular vendors, from service technicians to breakroom snack delivery.

While you're updating your vendors, it's a good idea to have new stationary, business cards, and letterhead printed and ready for use. Now is also the perfect time to make sure you've set up forwarding for your physical mail.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

Let's face it—just like houses, corporate offices tend to fill up with equipment, furniture, and plain old junk over the years. Instead of moving everything you have into the new office, take the time to sort items for donating, selling, pitching, and storing.

Tip: If you need to keep records or other physical items but won't have space for them in your new office, look into local storage options. Many Silicon Valley office moving companies offer specialized storage for corporate property.

4. Inspect Your New Office Before You Move

There's nothing worse than getting to a new office and realizing it's not ready. To avoid the lost productivity this can cause, do a complete walk-through with the building manager before you move in to your new office. During this survey, verify that everything is prepared for moving day, including:

  • Move-in date and time
  • Service elevator reservations
  • Building and office keys
  • Parking availability
  • A/C and lights

5. Get Help from Office Movers If You Need It

Last but not least, don't hesitate to call on professional office movers if you need help! You have a lot to manage during an office move, and it can be difficult to handle the details on your own. By working with a reliable Silicon Valley office moving company, you can get much-needed assistance at every step of the process:

  • Move planning
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Furniture disassembly/assembly
  • Computer and data center transport/installations
  • Storage, warehousing, and distribution

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