As a reliable and trustworthy company, maintaining a complete and flawless supply chain is important to both your business and overall reputation.

To meet new and ever-changing customer requirements, many suppliers are making decision to turn to logistics providers to ensure the needs are met and that various requirements are handled. There are multiple ways to tell if you need a new supply chain company.

Supply Chain

  1. No Speed or Accuracy - If data collection and automatic identifications systems are not performing with the right speed and accuracy to meet your goals, it’s time for a change. When it comes to data collection and automatic identification systems, make sure your provider is keeping it simple and efficient.
  2. No Automated Support - If there is no automated support, especially within similar facilities, your company needs an upgrade. Make sure your supply chain company offers real time integration with both inventory and order management systems to ensure that all items are accounted for.
  3. No Access to Information - If you often lack key information for immediate decision making, you know there is a better way. In order to better deliver and remain consistently available to your customers, it’s essential to have the right information at your fingertips in order to make better business decisions.

The Northern California supply chain experts you can trust

As the premier provider of logistics and supply chain assistance in Northern California, Valley Relocation & Storage can assist with it all, from tradeshow transportation and custom crating to long-term warehouse storage options. We regularly update our formula to make sure we deliver efficient, proven solutions to every customer.

If you need better information, more effective labor management, and a better opportunity to grow your business, start with a new supply chain company. Give Valley Relocation & Storage a call today to learn more about our complete logistics solutions, or fill out our easy online quote form! 

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