Relocating a data center requires both skill and expertise. With the many possibilities and negative consequences that can result from a bad move or an inexperienced moving crew, it’s essential to find Bay Area computer movers that offer the expertise to complete the job well.

At Valley Relocation, we can assist through every step of data center relocation. How can we help you properly relocate your data center?

Back Up All Data Before the Move

This is often the most essential part of completing a successful relocation. By backing up all data before you move, you can ensure that critical information is protected and accessible in your new location.

Disconnect All It Equipment

Disconnecting all equipment is important. Disconnecting the equipment after backing up data makes your items more ready to move.

Securely Pack All Equipment

A vital part of relocating a data center successfully centers on the importance of securely packing all equipment. All IT equipment should be securely protected throughout the entirety of the move.

Carefully Load Equipment into the Truck

By hiring a skilled and qualified moving crew, carefully loading equipment into the truck can be one of the easiest parts of the process. As premier computer movers in the Bay Area, Valley Relocation has assisted with multiple data center relocations. Our decades of experience and strict attention to detail help provide peace-of-mind throughout the relocation process.

Safely Unload All Equipment

Unloading all equipment is also simpler with a trained moving crew. After loading up the equipment and driving to a new location, safely unloading all equipment should be top priority.

Install Equipment in the New Location

 With both an IT team and a dedicated moving crew, each data center item can be placed exactly where it needs to be for upmost functionality and access.

Data center relocations no longer need to be complex, expensive, and stressful. Count on Valley Relocation, the best computer moving company in the Bay Area, to assist with every step of your data center relocation. Contact us today to learn more and submit a free online quote

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