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Concern for the environment grows every year as landfills continue to be overloaded and toxic waste becomes a wide-spread issue. While there are several concerns regarding the overflow of landfills, electronic waste (e-waste) is actually responsible for 70% of toxic waste production. Every year nearly 50 million metric tons of e-waste is disposed of at landfills instead of being recycled and reused, which has caused damage to the land and people throughout the world.

What makes e-waste so dangerous? When deposited in a landfill instead of properly recycled or disposed of, many forms of e-waste can release toxic gases and metals into the environment. These metals such as beryllium, lead, brominated flame retardants, mercury, and cadmium can then react with air and soil to produce toxic waste that is as damaging to our health as it is to our environment.

Know You Have A Company Who Does It Right

When it comes to e-waste solutions, the best course of action is working with a professional company qualified to safely dispose of and recycle e-waste. At Valley Relocation, our WastErasers are Northern California’s top choice for professional electronic waste solutions. Instead of filling up landfills and contributing to the problem of toxic waste, our expert crew will take care of your residential and corporate e-waste in a cost-effective, environmentally-responsible manner.


Independently certified to handle all of your Silicon Valley e-waste needs, WastErasers provides a professional service to evaluate, sort, and process e-waste in compliance with strict regulatory standards. For your peace of mind, our professional team also offers certified data destruction to ensure that all of your personal or corporate data is eradicated prior to recycling.

For the best in e-waste recycling and disposal, there is no better choice than the WastErasers at Valley Relocation! To find out more about how we can turn your e-waste into a competitive advantage, give us a call today or fill out our simple online form!

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