After more than three decades in business, the team at Valley Relocation knows that there are some moves that aren’t strictly residential or commercial. We understand that there are many people who are hired by various local, state and federal agencies, especially in northern California, and require secure, government relocation services, which go above and beyond a standard move.

Government Building

As a government agency-approved moving company, we are able to take on sensitive moving projects of all types and scopes. This includes relocations for the FBI, Pentagon, Department of Justice, National Institute of Health and many others. We are the premier company to call for the safest, secure government moving services in northern California.

Government Moving Services

When you have sensitive government information or items in your possession, you need a government moving company to provide the services that will ensure that the items and information (if on a computer or laptop, for example) are handled and transported easily and efficiently without worry of any information being compromised or revealed to parties without clearance. The very professional staff at Valley Relocation & Storage is certified to handle your sensitive government relocation needs and will take care of all the details to ensure that your move is as hassle-free as possible and that you can remain trusted with sensitive information by your government employer.

You can rely on Valley Relocation & Storage to expertly and confidentially handle all your government property, such as:

  • Government-issued smartphone
  • Tablet or laptop computer
  • Any external or backup drives
  • Sensitive papers or other documents
  • Government-related contact lists
  • Personal information of vendors, clients, or personnel

When it comes to these kinds of moves, you can’t trust just any moving company with government moving services; you can only trust a certified government moving company. And Valley Relocation & Storage is the authority in northern California for government relocation. If you have a government-related move in your future, call Valley Relocation today for a quick, professional on-site quote and trust that unlike the government, we are actually here to help!

Certified Government Moving Company
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