Like your day-to-day operations, you need to streamline your business’s move so it can be completed with maximum efficiency. It doesn’t take much to make this happen: just a little preparation and some help from the professionals. To help you conquer your commercial relocation in minimized downtime, our Silicon Valley movers have strung together a quick checklist must dos.

1.  Determine a Time Frame and Schedule

First thing’s first: determine when you’re going to move. Once you’ve decided on a time frame, you can make a list of everything the needs to be accomplished before move-in day.

2.  Set Up a Communications Plan to Keep Employees and Clients Informed

Whatever your preferred method of communication is, use it to keep the people important to your business informed of relocation activity. This will allow you to continue operations through the transition.

3.  Hire Professional Movers and Packers

This isn’t a household move; it’s much more complicated. You’re going to want to hire a professional moving company, so obtain a few estimates and select the one that provides the best value.

4.  Develop an Plan and Layout for Your New Space

So your movers aren’t aimlessly placing your furniture and equipment wherever, craft a detailed floor plan of where you want each to go so items can be quickly unloaded, assembled and installed.

5.  Speak with Service Providers

It’s important to determine whether or not you’ll need to change service providers at your new location. Give each a call and have a conversation to determine if their services will remain effective at the new site.

If you follow these simple steps, the end result will be a quick, efficient and stress-free business relocation. In your search for the right moving company, make sure to grab a quote from Valley Relocation and Storage. Give our Silicon Valley commercial movers a call or fill out our online form to receive your free estimate today! 

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