People need things to do… fun things. But even if you’ve lived in Silicon Valley for years, sometimes you miss those tourist things to do because you aren’t a tourist.

BUT… those tourist attractions are fun!

Since 1943, our office movers in Silicon Valley have learned where to go to have fun. We are Silicon Valley’s busiest movers, so we see a lot. We took the liberty and came up with a few of our favorite places to go.

1. Sugar Shack

- This old-fashioned candy store is incredible. It contains candies from your grandparent’s generation all the way to the most unique creations. But don’t expect leaving the shack without a few bags of candy.

2. Hakone Gardens

- Enjoy a relaxing afternoon strolling in Silicon Valley’s exotic garden. It’s the oldest Japanese and Asian estate garden in the Western Hemisphere. Nestled around historical buildings, is a unique bamboo forest with hidden waterfalls around the garden.

3. Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve

- This protected forest, has daily activities that are available at no cost. The District protects these lands to keep it in its original state. Only natural trails exist, which add to its beauty.

4. MoGo Food Truck

- Started in Silicon Valley, this Korean-Mexican inspired food truck is a must! It’s gourmet food ready in minutes. Rated as one of Silicon Valley’s best places to eat, Silicon Valley Moving company can second that!

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