When planning an data center relocation, sooner or later you will have to address that dreaded task – the moving of the servers and equipment that house your business’ most important information. The Silicon Valley commercial movers at Valley Relocation want your data center move to be as safe and successful as possible, which is why we’ve pulled together some expert advice for your business. The information technology architects at Cisco suggest the following:

· Plan Thoroughly

Your servers are more important to your business than your cubicles, so set aside extra time to plan their transfer. Make a list of hardware that needs to be brought back online first, and be sure to schedule accordingly.

· Create a Flexible Time Line

Determine when you need to power down equipment, load and unload servers, and re-assemble your hardware. Leave enough time for troubleshooting and setbacks, and remember that it’s always smart to allow more time than less.

· Find Experienced Data Center Movers

It’s ideal to hire movers who have a history of successful data center moves. Make sure to get full documentation of responsibilities with your movers of choice.

· Instruct Your Movers

Instruct your movers on how you want your data center move carried out in writing. You may also label servers, cabinets and cables for easier setup later.

· Choose a Time, Plan for Setbacks

Weather, traffic, the policies of your building and technical setbacks are all things you should take into account when choosing a time. Detailed planning will ensure that your business gets up-and-running smoothly.

For more detailed information, watch the Cisco videos below and contact Valley Relocation today! We are the commercial movers in the Valley who can move your data center safely and expertly.

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