Silicon Valley is the home of high-tech innovation and the headquarters of many well-known companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Cisco and more. Occasionally, large technology companies need equipment, offices and employees moved to new national and international locations. This is where Valley Relocation comes in! Our Silicon Valley commercial movers have moved servers and other sensitive equipment for Dell, IBM, hp, Hitachi and other companies with a presence in Silicon Valley. We are prepared to assist your business too, no matter the size and complexity of your project. Some of the services we can offer you during a technology move include:

· Data Center Relocation

Moving a data center is a detailed, complex task that leaves no room for error. Valley Relocation’s experienced packers, technicians, and Move Coordinators can handle the job from start-to-finish, coordinating with you and your employees for an on-time, on-budget relocation.

· Server and Computer Moving

Your servers and computers hold important information that is the foundation of your business. Valley can move them safely within your time and budgetary constraints. We’ve successfully moved thousands of servers in past jobs!

· Corporate Relocation

We’ll make sure that your employees are moved and settled in comfortably, and that your national or overseas office gets all of its items on time. Our commercial movers in the Valley are committed to getting your corporate branch up-and-running as quickly as possible.

Don’t delay any longer, and contact Valley Relocation today for more information. We’re here to make sure that Silicon Valley businesses have smooth, successful moves.

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