We’re all excited when we order the latest computer, cell phone or TV and have a brand-new gadget to play with. But as you wait for your purchase to be delivered to your home or office, have you decided what to do with your old electronic equipment? Computers, phones, refrigerators, and office equipment like photocopiers – all of it is ‘e-waste’ that should be recycled with care by professionals. Valley Relocation offers the Silicon Valley E-Waste solutions your business needs to cut costs and do your part for the environment. Some reasons why you should always dispose of E-Waste properly through a certified company include:

· It’s Better for the Environment

Most electronics contain heavy metals and pollutants that can damage the environment if simply thrown in a landfill. Recycling your electronics will help keep the environment and the people living in it safe from harmful chemicals.

· It’s the Law

In many states, it’s against the law to dispose of old electronics in the trash can or landfill. Penalties may include steep fines, which are far more hassle and expense to put up with than recycling electronics properly.

· Your Privacy is Protected

You’ll never know if your information in safe when you throw an old computer or phone in the trash. Protect your privacy by recycling your e-waste with certified professionals.

Valley Relocation is the company that can offer you efficient, affordable E-Waste removal in The Valley that is customized to your business’ needs. Contact us today for more helpful information!

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