Did you know that under 15% of e-waste is actually being recycled? With old technology being replaced so quickly and regularly, e-waste is becoming more and more prevalent in our landfills. Valley Relocation offers a variety of e-waste solutions so you can reduce your impact on our carbon footprint. From logistics to processing to disposition, our professionals are certified to handle your recycling need.

At Valley Relocation, we offer e-waste logistics services to eliminate the difficulties of recycling your old electronics. Electronics that you can recycle include old computers, monitors, copiers, fax machines, televisions and so much more. E waste removal saves you on a variety of costs associated with old electronics including expensive storage fees.

Our professionals also offer e-waste processing. We evaluate, sort and process your waste in the most cost-effective way. We also offer end of life solutions with our e-waste disposition services. We strive to maximize reuse and recycling opportunities in order to dispose of your broken, out of date or unused electronics in the most economic and environmentally responsible manner.

Get in touch with our e-waste removal specialists at Valley Relocation today to learn more about the services we can perform for you.

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