A data center relocation involves much more than just moving furniture. It's vital that the expensive equipment and valuable information stored on that equipment be properly protected. This is a service that can only be filled by data center moving companies. Since 1985, Valley Relocation & Storage Inc. has been helping companies throughout the Bay Area move their technology safely and securely to new offices. You can trust us to put the preservation of your data first!

Partnering with a Major Carrier

We are one of the premier Bay Area data center moving companies, but going the extra mile for our customers meant joining up with another industry-leading carrier. Our business has become an agent of CRST Specialized Transportation Inc. CRST is a logistics and transportation company with the resources and network available to move high-value assets all over the world. This partnership also allows us to provide the training and equipment needed properly breakdown, pack, and transport data center hardware.

You Need a Specialized Moving Company

A data center relocation is not your typical business move. It requires a specialized moving company to guide you through the process and take good care of your equipment. We provide all our customers with a personal Move Coordinator to manage the high-level details of your relocation. The Coordinator will also help with any issues that pop up during the move and keep our movers focused on treating your equipment with great care.

What support will you receive when choosing us?

  • Transportation of High-Value Equipment
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Server Migration Services
  • Installation Services
  • Heavy Machinery & Rigging Equipment
  • Dedicated Fleet

Make Your Move a Smooth Transition!

The sooner you start the data center relocation, the easier your move will be. Reach out to Valley Relocation & Storage Inc. for a free, no-obligation quote to get started! We'll contact you when you fill out our online form, or you can give us a call right now!